Should Parents Raise Their Children To Be Heathen?

This is a popular topic in several of the social media groups I’m in, so I thought I’d explain my views on it.

At first glance, my initial answer was ‘no’ – I disagree with indoctrinating children from an early age, warping their young minds until they are unwilling or feel unable to think for themselves. I’ve met far too many people who have left the faiths they were born into, and they are still plagued by confusion and guilt. In some cases, they’ve been disowned by their families, or even risked their own lives, simply because they’ve formed a different opinion!

So, in a way I’d be a hypocrite if I said I believe that parents should raise their kids to be heathen. But, after much consideration, I decided on a happy medium:

1. Teach your kids about their ancestors and their culture/heritage. Its important to know where we come from.

2. Tell your kids the stories from Norse mythology. But rather than teaching them that such stories are true, treat them as if they are simply bedtime stories.

3. Raise your kids to have heathen values – after all, much of our moral code is about honour, respect and common sense. There’s nothing bad about that.

4. Encourage your kids to explore other faiths if they wish, so that they can form their own opinions and ultimately make up their own minds. They’ll thank you for it, believe me!

5. If, in the end, your child does not become heathen, don’t berate them for it. Obviously, to some parents, this may come as a disappointment – but at least you will have the satisfaction that you did all you could to mould your child into an open minded, respectful, confident person. That’s what matters, regardless of religion!

One of the best things my parents ever did for me was teach me about multiple beliefs, and allow me to make up my own mind; so that’s what I intend to do for my own children in the future.

I see so many pagans boasting about how their children are joining in with rituals, and that their kids believe in pagan lore… But is that really any different from a Christian raising their child according to Christian values? These same pagans call this brainwashing, in some cases even child abuse – but if they are doing the exact same thing to their own kids (just in the name of different deities), how are they any different?

People always assume that religions should be segregated. But why? In today’s multicultural society, our children are going to be mixing with people from all sorts of different religious backgrounds! The more kids we can teach to be intelligent and open minded, the better their futures will be! Instead of just saying ‘I hate you because you’re [insert religion here]’, they will be able to participate in debates and draw logical conclusions. They’ll be able to use their broad understandings of various different beliefs to engage in these often difficult conversations.

To be heathen is to be freethinking and independent… So don’t raise your children to rely on our beliefs!


For the Metalheads out there…

Some of you may know that I write reviews (when I have time) for my page, which is currently titled MetalQueen Reviews.

Well, I randomly discovered that there is another page out there with the same name, in fact I think the other one may be older than mine! I honestly didn’t know until today.

I’m considering changing my page name to something more unique. Any suggestions? Feel free to comment!

Origins of the Runes

Practically everyone (including many non Heathens) knows what runes are. But where did they come from?

Well, precisely when and where they originated from is sadly lost to history, but runeologists (people who study runes) have managed to agree on an initial outline of how they came to be:

1. The runes are believed to have derived from the Old Italic alphabet used by the Mediterranean peoples of the 1st century CE.

2. Gradually, as people began to migrate across Europe, this ancient form of literacy arrived among the Germanic tribes. At this point, the Old Italic language mixed with the sacred Germanic symbols (such as those preserved in northern European petroglyphs).

3. Over time, the two entwined scripts became the runic language we know and recognise today.

The earliest unambiguous runic inscriptions were found on the Vimose comb (found in Vimose, Denmark) and the Øvre Stabu spearhead (from southern Norway). Both items date back to approximately 160 CE.

The earliest known carving of the Futhark, in order and in its entirety, was found on the Kylver Stone (Gotland, Sweden). The stone dates back to around 400 CE.

In northern Europe, the runes are mostly associated with the god Odin. Experts believe that this is because of the high possibility that the Old Italic language was first encountered by Germanic warbands firsthand during campaigns against their southerly neighbours.

Odin was already well established as the chief god in many Germanic tribal pantheons by this time, and was also considered as the patron of war. Therefore, the runes – a possible product of war – would have fitted in nicely with Odin’s warrior image.

According to Indo-European scholar Georges Dumézil:

“If Odin was first and always the highest magician, we realise that the runes, however recent they may be, would have fallen under his sway. New and particularly effective implements for magic works, they would become by definition and without contest a part of his domain. Odin could have been the patron, the par excellence of this redoubtable power of secrecy and secret knowledge, before the name of that knowledge became the technical name of signs both phonetic and magic which come from the Alps or elsewhere, but did not lose its former, larger sense.”

Dumézil’s observations could attest to how the runes became such an important part of Germanic mythology; after all, the tribes in that region wouldn’t have wanted the true, rather more mundane story to go down in history!

So, it makes perfect sense that they would instead claim that the runes were ancient, steeped in magic, and discovered by Odin himself (as described in the Hávamál).

Norse mythology is also why the runes are associated with magic.

The Hávamál states that the Well of Urd (which contains all the wisdom and knowledge of the past) was the original dwelling place of the runes – which explains why they are most commonly used to help foresee the future and why they are consulted when making important decisions.

Webzine Update!

Hi all, just a quick update regarding Issue 1 of the webzine…

I’m currently in the process of preparing to move into my new house, so I’m super busy at the moment. I don’t have a PC at home, so I’m having to go to the library as and when I can to work on the webzine.

I’m aiming to get back in the library this week to put the finishing touches on it, but there MIGHT be a small delay in publishing.

I will update you when I can!

Thanks for your patience.

Is Alice Bah Kuhnke Responsible for the Cultural Destruction of Sweden?

I’ve been reading a lot of conflicting information on this subject, so I thought I’d do some more in depth research.

I shall compile a list of the evidence I’ve found below, and then attempt to arrive at a logical conclusion.

I don’t expect all of you to agree with my conclusion, but I do ask that all disagreeable comments be worded in a mature manner, with reasons given for your personal opinions. I’m more than happy to partake in a debate, but there is absolutely no point in simply commenting ‘you’re wrong’ without stating why!

Claim: that the black Swedish Minister of Culture, Alice Bah Kuhnke, has ordered the destruction of all newly discovered Viking and Iron Age artifacts.

Evidence: several Swedish archaeologists have expressed their anger at Kuhnke’s decision. Apparently, newly found artifacts are “too expensive and burdensome” to process.

According to these archaeologists, new finds are now being systematically dumped into metal recycling bins upon arrival at Stockholm’s Länsmuseum.

Kuhnke has also reportedly said herself that such artifacts take up “too many resources to process, identify and store them”.

Rather than preserving and displaying new finds in the museum, they are now quickly disposed of in order to end excavations fast, in turn making way for construction workers and machines.

One archaeologist at Länsmuseum, Johan Runer, has validated these claims. He even admitted that the destruction of valuable artifacts has been occurring since AT LEAST 2016!

Runer also recalled watching an entire Iron Age settlement being levelled to make room for new hones as Sweden’s modern day population increases.

Verdict: many people are claiming that this is fake news, but I’m not so sure… Why would Runer, a respected and well known archaeologist (from what I gather anyway), validate false claims – risking both his reputation and his job – without good reason?

Conspiracy theorists believe that Kuhnke is trying to eradicate Swedish heritage to make way for the cultures of the migrants who continue to flood the country at an alarming rate; I can’t really comment on that, because I’m not Swedish. I can only form an opinion based on internet research, as well as from my own experience as a UK citizen.

If Kuhnke is anything like the current Mayor of London, Sidiq Khan, she will most certainly be discreetly attempting to eradicate all traces of Sweden’s heritage.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that I specified Kuhnke’s ethnicity at the beginning of this article. You may be wondering why I feel her skin colour is important… Please don’t think of me as a racist (if you read my previous articles you’ll see that I’m really not), and feel free to correct me if you think I’m wrong, but I don’t believe that someone who’s best interests clearly lie with foreigners, and who’s cultural pride so clearly lies outside of Europe, should be allowed to make such catastrophic decisions regarding Scandinavian historical artifacts.

Conclusion: I really hope that this is just fake news. However, knowing how my own government will bend over backwards in order to appease foreigners who have no interest in respecting our traditions/heritage, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if these claims were indeed true.

If anyone can find me some evidence to sway my verdict, feel free to leave links in the comments!

Heathenry in the Workplace

It’s 2018, yet Heathenry is still a very taboo subject.

Thanks to Abrahamic propaganda and certain organisations twisting our beliefs to fit their own intolerant agendas, along with a general lack of understanding, people outside of our community seldom know what we really stand for.

A rare few of these people are open minded enough to ask questions, conduct their own research or just mind their own business; but sadly, more often than not, others pass unfair judgement on members of our community.

I recently posted on my Facebook page asking how Heathens are treated in their workplaces, and I was inundated with messages – most of which, I’m sorry to say, carried a negative vibe throughout.

I was truly shocked to read stories of fellow Heathens who had been ridiculed or bullied at work due to their beliefs. Some had even been fired, or felt as if they had to leave thanks to the constant jibes from their colleagues/bosses.

Some tried to take the companies to court for unfair dismissal, but NONE of them won their cases; this speaks volumes regarding the way we are perceived and treated within modern society.

The main problems seem to be the following:

1. Colleagues/bosses don’t recognise Ásatrú as a legitimate religion.

2. Co-workers don’t understand our beliefs, therefore they fear us.

If we were Christian or Muslim, and someone caused problems for us at work because of our beliefs, we could have them disciplined, fired or even jailed. As followers of this ancient, much-persecuted religion of ours, I see it as our duty to educate as many people as possible.

I’m not saying we should draw unnecessary or negative attention upon ourselves by constantly rubbing peoples’ faces in it – I’m saying that if a co-worker is curious, we should do our best to explain our beliefs. If someone bullies us or refuses to acknowledge Ásatrú as a real religion, we shouldn’t let it go unchallenged.

Make an official complaint.

Take it to the highest possible level within the company.

If they threaten you with dismissal, fight them (through the proper legal channels, of course!).

Don’t let them push you out of your job.

If we allow such people to walk all over us, they will never take us seriously. Not only that, but we would be dishonouring our gods and ancestors, as well as doing future generations of Heathens a severe injustice.

We successfully overcame 1000 years of oppression – but we are still so far from eradicating that oppression completely. The world is no longer openly against us – instead, we suffer a deep-rooted, secretive and snide form of discrimination.

If we all take a stand and make our voices heard, they simply can’t ignore us.

Most importantly, we can make life easier for Heathens both now and in the future!

Old Souls

Hi everyone, sorry that I haven’t posted for a while! Real life has been getting in the way (again!), and I’ve also been dedicating my efforts during my spare time to working on the MNH Webzine! However, I’ve got a little time on my hands now, so here’s a little food for thought…

Old Soul: its a term I’ve read about quite a lot in recent years, although its used in a variety of different contexts.

Some people consider an ‘Old Soul’ to be someone who simply acts more mature than their years; others, like myself, believe that the true definition is someone who’s soul is literally ancient.

Going by my definition of choice, I wholeheartedly believe that I am an ‘Old Soul’… I am trapped in a modern age, which on one hand I like (after all, I wouldn’t have access to such a vast array of information or be able to write for this blog without the internet!); on the other hand, I despise modern values (or should I say, lack of them!).

My soul yearns to break free of the chains of modern society. When I am feeling pressured and stressed, my mind wanders back in time through the generations, and craves the simplicity of days gone by. Of course, one could argue that life was very tough back then – but I’m sure you’ll agree that it was more simplistic!

I recently coined another term: ‘moderneval’, meaning someone who lives in the modern world but who mentally lives in the past. I’m not sure if ‘moderneval’ is a legit word, but its connotations seem very similar to ‘Old Soul’. It certainly sums me up rather well!

I adore everything from viking age/medieval clothes and jewellery, to the way in which such people lived. Yes, they lived hard (and often short) lives – but they were also free of the modern-day rat race, its fashion trends and its crumbling societal and economic meltdown.

Ultimately, when electricity and running water stops, and when food is no longer conveniently available to purchase from shops, we will have to go back to a parody of how our ancestors lived centuries ago.

Most people will not survive this; but some Old Souls such as myself will at least be able to give it a good try!

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