Some Obscure European Pagan Theologies 

I’ve compiled a list of little-known pagan religions from around Europe… Here they are:

Adonism: a neopagan religion founded by a German called Franz Sättler in 1926, Adonism is a polytheistic belief revolving around five principle gods (Beus, Biltis, Dido, Molchos and of course, Adonis). Adonis is the most prominent of these gods, and Sättler equated him to Satan. Molchos is viewed as malevolent, and is considered to be responsible for the enslavement of humanity through monotheistic/Abrahamic religions. Therefore, Adonists are very much anti Christian in particular.

Romuva: a contemporary continuation of the traditional ethnic religion of the Baltic peoples, particularly the pre-Christian Lithuanians. Romuvans try to continue Baltic pagan traditions, and follow a polytheistic faith which revolves around the sanctity of nature and ancestor worship. The Romuvan community was organised and led by the high priest Jonas Trinkunas, until his death in 2014.

Zalmoxianism: a neopagan movement which promotes the rebuilding of an ethnic religion and spirituality of the Romanians through a process of reconnection to their ancient Dacian and Thracian roots. Their name comes from Zalmoxis/Zalmoxe, at the same time the name of the primordial god and the archetype of an enlightened man in paleo-Balkan mythology.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about these rarely talked about religions as much as I have!

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