Reasons to Love Europe 

Ever since Brexit first began, I’ve been seeing a lot of negative posts (and even some insults) directed towards European people. In light of this, I’m here to tell you why I LOVE Europe!

1. This probably makes me sound biased, and maybe I am, but my ancestry is predominantly continental European. I’ve never felt truly at home living in Britain, yet I have done whenever I’ve visited European countries. Plus, I’m fairly certain that 100% British people are a rarity – almost of all of us are descended from Europeans!

2. European hospitality is second to none. Whenever I’ve visited a European country, I’ve always received a warm welcome! 

3. Europe is a cultural melting pot. Where else on earth could you find such diversity, and all within driving distance?

4. European people who move to the UK contribute towards a huge chunk of our economy. Without them, we’d be in far worse financial dire straits!

5. The history, mythology and traditions of ancient Europe have never really died, and are still very much prevalent today – something which we in Britain seem to have lost over the years!

6. Europe is like one massive community. They may disagree from time to time, but in times of crisis, all the individual nations tend to pull together!

I’m sure I could write many more, but I hope that I’ve proven that our relationship with our neighbours should be cultivated, and not allowed to wither and die!

I for one am PROUD of my European roots! 


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