15 Things We Can Learn From Our Heathen Ancestors

I could probably write tons more, but here’s a list of the main things we can learn from our heathen ancestors:

1. Always fight for justice, no matter the cost.

2. Always seek, and tell, the truth.

3. Never back down – stay true to yourself and your beliefs.

4. Honour your ancestors and gods.

5. Learn from your mistakes.

6. Study your enemy – know their weaknesses, and use them to your advantage.

7. Never fight unless you stand a good chance of winning – its always better to retreat, and live to fight another day.

8. Stay loyal to your spouse, family and friends.

9. Love with a passion.

10. Protect those you love.

11. Work hard.

12. Take care of nature.

13. Never show your weaknesses – you never know who’s watching.

14. Take pride in everything you do.

15. Don’t fear death – when your time comes, embrace it!  


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